January, 2001 Establishment of TIMA Stiftung Foundation
June, 2005 Markus Matuschka v.Greiffenclau appointed as Chief Director at TIMA Stiftung.
June, 2005 Haruhiko Inufusa appointed as Chief Researcher at TIMA Stiftung.
November, 2006 Establishment of Brookfield Medical Corporation.
November, 2010 Start of selling “SUPALIV”.
March, 2011 Start of selling the new package”SUPALIV” designed by Mr. Kazunari Hitagawa.
December, 2011 Establishment of TIMA Japan Corporation for sales purpose.
February, 2012 Brookfield Medical Corporation merged and acquired TIMA Japan Corporation and named the company TIMA Japan Corporation.
Start of selling “Twendee M and Twendee X”.
November, 2013 Developer Dr. Haruhiko Inufusa appointed to the Specially appointed professor of the Antioxidant Division, Life Science Research Center at Gifu University.
July, 2015 Establishment of SUPALIV Corporation for sales and marketing purposes.