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Message from Haruhiko Inufusa

For 25 years, I worked for Faculty of Medicine in Kinki University as a surgeon and a cancer researcher. Now, continuing research at the Antioxidant Division of Life Science Research Center and believing “to live longer with being healthy” is all human beings’ hope.

Today, it is clear that more than 150 kinds of diseases are closely related to oxidative stress. By reducing them, it is possible to prevent many diseases. However till now, there was no research evidence, which proves effective antioxidant without any side effects.

We aim preventing human diseases not with newly developed medicines for cancer and diabetes, but by products with correct medical evidence in reasonable price. Moreover, our products are expected to be effective to diseases that have no effective ways of medical treatments or have very limited medical therapy. We believe we can suggest them as a new treatment to many of those who suffer from those diseases.

We are going to develop our research further on alcohol metabolism, glycometabolism and lipid metabolism, and oxidative stress to provide right products in need for people all over the world.