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All the TIMA Japan products are certified to have effectiveness by a third party. Further, safety test, which is not ordinarily required for supplements, was also performed. We manufacture and sell only products with medically-proven effect (with evidence).

Safety test performed

Safety test, ordinarily required only for pharmaceuticals, was performed by Ina Research Inc. (safety test trustee company, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange) in 2007 and all the tests conducted have reported SUPALIV is safe.

Effect by one week repeated administration in rats
Ina Research
Test number:GL43080
Chromosomal aberration test using cultured mammalian cells
Ina Research
Test number:BV07158
Four-weeks repeated oral toxicity study in rats
Ina Research
Test number:BV07156
Reverse mutation test using bacterium (excluding cystine)
Ina Research
Test number:BV07352

Human clinical trial performed

We have performed fundamental researches, animal experiments and human clinical trials about SUPALIV, and have given papers on these results at the 14th Anti-Aging Medicine meeting, the 12th Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Seminar and other meetings.
Further, human clinical trial was performed by Allegro.Inc (subsidiary company of leading clinical examination company BML). The trial was performed twice in 2008 for cases of drinking vodka and wine.
Clinical trial’s result is here. →Clinical Trial Result

International Patent Acquired

Large number of international patents relating to SUPALIV and Twendee X are acquired or applied. International Patent System (PCT) is useful in requesting international patent protection of applicant’s own invention(s). By applying one international patent, it becomes possible to request invention protection in 148 countries in the world at the same time.
About details of international patent, please refer to the following.
→ Acquired Patents