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Obtain the nutrition auxiliary food “SUPALIV”
with the patent on alcohol metabolism


Nutritional auxiliary food “Oxicut”
born in the research of self antioxidation
※academic name Tweedee X


On the basis of oxicut,
7 new ingredients are added to form mitochondrial
nutritional auxiliary food



main product
“SUPALIV” is a health food patented for alcohol metabolism with the golden ratio of 8 active ingredients.

This product is a long-term bestseller with cumulative sales exceeding 5 million in the 10 years since its release.
※From 2012 to April 2021, the number of units sold is based on the conversion of 3 capsules at a time. According to the company’s research. “

SUPALIV Development Anecdote

A story that took place during the wine harvest festival held in the winery of the Earl of Greyfinlaw, which has been in operation since the time of Charlemagne.
“I like wine, but it’s easy to get drunk physically,” a Japanese woman asked Count Marcus (chairman of the TIMA establishment), the organizer of the harvest festival.

Marcus knew that some Asians were genetically poor in drinking, so he asked his friend Haruhiko Inufusa, a Japanese doctor, whether he could develop nutritional supplements that could solve this problem.

At that time, Haruhiko Inufusa, who had published research on alcohol and immune cell function at the society, received this consultation and officially started research on alcohol metabolism. Since then, it has been continuously improved through basic research and effectiveness tests, and obtained a large amount of empirical data and patents. In 2010, “SUPALIV” was officially put into production and began to be sold.

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About badges

On the packaging of “SUPALIV”, the badges of v, which has been producing wine since the time of Charlemagne, is depicted.
The reason for this is that “SUPALIV” was developed based on the idea of Marcus Griffin, the chairman of the TIMA establishment and the head of the Earl Griffin Family.


Introduction of SUPALIV Goodwill Ambassador

Atsuta Takashi
Atsuta Takashi

General corporate body
Honorary Advisor of
the Japan Sommelier Association

Oka Shoji
Oka Shoji

General corporate body
Honorary President of
the Japan Sommelier Association

門上 武司
Takeshi Kamonami

Food columnist
Editorial Consultant of Cooking Magazine “Gourmet Life Miscellaneous”


SUPALIV 3 Capsules

SUPALIV 10 Capsules

SUPALIV 20 Capsules


100 capsules in a bottle

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main product

Oxicut 90 Capsules

Oxicut is a healthy food born from more than 15 years of antioxidant research.

Contains 8 active ingredients including vitamin C and amino acids.
Nutritional supplements based on patents and scientific evidence.
(Academic name: Twendee X)

Oxicut Consultant

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100 Capsules

Mtcontrol, a mitochondrial nutritional supplementary food with 7 new ingredients added on the basis of oxicut

It is a nutritional auxiliary food with 15 effective ingredients, such as vitamin C, vitamin B group, amino acids, lactoferrin, etc.

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About TIMA quality

main product

The TIMA establishment supports medical research and development conducted around the world, especially research that is not involved in well-known pharmaceutical companies.

Safety test has been carried out

In 2007, Inc Research Co., Ltd. (the entrusted company of safety test) was entrusted to carry out safety tests that are usually only for the needs of pharmaceutical products, and all tests are reported to be safe.

Related effects of repeated administration in a week in experimental rats
INC Research
Test No.:GL43080
Experiments on chromosome abnormalities in cultured cells of mammals
INC Research
Test No.:BV07158
Toxicity test of repeated oral administration of experimental rats within 4 weeks
INC Research
Test No.:BV07156
Recovery sudden mutation experiment using bacteria (except cystine)
INC Research
Test No.:BV07352

Human clinical trials have been carried out

Oxicut conducts basic research and clinical trials and is published in papers and societies.

About the acquisition of patents

Through years of research and development, we have created and obtained a large number of intellectual property rights.
The use (efficacy) and formula related to the company’s products and research have obtained a number of patents, or are under application.
For details of patents, see below.
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