Research and development of TIMA Group

So far, the TIMA Group has supported a number of projects, including gene therapy for glioma brain tumors, research to reduce the health hazards of alcohol, diabetes-based metabolic syndrome research, inhibition of reactive oxides (anti-aging), development of non-antibiotic new antibacterial drugs with medicinal properties, etc., and have achieved remarkable results in many aspects.
These studies are mainly based on the results of the research team led by Chairman researcher Haruhiko Inufusa.

Research Cooperation Organization

  • Antioxidant Research Department of the Joint Research Lecture of the Basic Scientific Research Center of the Academy of Higher Studies of Gifu University
  • Anti acidification Laboratory of Louis Pasteur Medical Research Center
  • Kyoto Prefectural Medical University
  • Shibaura Institute of Technology
  • Classroom of radiation physics, University of Regensburg [Regensburg, Germany]
  • French Academy of Sciences [Paris, France]
  • GN Resound [Liechtenstein]
  • Siam Cement Group [Bangkok, Thailand]

Study on anti-oxidation supported by TIMA Group

Centered on the Antioxidant Research Department of Gifu University and the Louis Pasteur Medical Research Center Antioxidant Research Center, where Haruhiko Inufusa is in charge of development, we are cooperating with research institutions and researchers from all over the world, aiming to lead the world’s research and development.

Research objectives

Sunburns, hay fever, acne, etc. that occur throughout the year, especially from early spring to summer, are all related to oxidative stress, which affects the quality of life and appearance, and causes a lot of mental stress.Moreover, aging and cognitive impairment with age are also related to oxidative stress, which will unconsciously affect important people around us.Oxidative stress like this is produced by a variety of factors and is associated with many diseases.Therefore, suppressing oxidative stress at ordinary times is not only good for you, but also for those around you. The so-called “almost all diseases are related to oxidative stress”, in other words, “inhibiting oxidative stress every day can prevent and treat a variety of diseases.”Through a variety of experiments, our laboratory aims to link the inhibition of oxidative stress with how to prevent and treat diseases, and clarify its mechanism. The ultimate goal is to have a lot of medical basis and make contributions to the “healthy and long-lived society”.

About oxidative stress and disease

Organisms use the oxygen contained in the atmosphere through breathing, and turn nutrients into energy after burning in the body. At the same time, as an incidental product, they will produce reactive oxygen species (ROS). In addition to the energy conversion in the body, this kind of ROS is also caused by external factors such as ultraviolet and radioactivity, bacteria and viruses, air pollution, or living habits such as smoking and a large amount of alcohol intake. In addition, it is also caused by diseases or stress.

There is a function (antioxidant power) that can eliminate ROS in the human body, but with age, this function is also degenerating. If ROS produces too much (oxidative stress), it will cause damage to cells and the body will rust like metal.This kind of rust is “aging”, and it is reported that more than 150 kinds of diseases are related to it.The main diseases include cancer and inflammatory bowel disease, sleep apnea syndrome, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypertension, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, liver cirrhosis, etc.


Product development process

The research and development of nutritional auxiliary food of TIMA group is implemented through non-clinical trials and clinical trials, and only products that can confirm medical basis (scientific basis) and safety are produced and sold.It is jointly studied with research institutions and researchers at home and abroad. After a long time of development, it is still published in the societies and papers.



The products produced and sold by our company have organic JAS certification, ISO22000 certification, and Nikken Ryokai GMP certification factories in Japan. From production to quality management, they operate under a strict management system.