TIMA Research and Development

TIMA Foundation has been supporting the medical research and development, which large pharmaceutical companies do not handle, such as, the gene therapy for glioma brain tumor, the research to reduce alcohol health hazards, the research on diabetes metabolic syndrome, the suppression of reactive oxygen species (anti-aging), the development of new antimicrobial drugs without drug resistance, and so on.
These research led by Haruhiko Inufusa of TIMA Japan resulted in the remarkable achievements.

Cooperative Research Organizations

  • Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tokyo
  • the Antioxidant Division
  • Radiation physics study, University of Regensburg, Germany
  • French Academy of Sciences (Académie des sciences) Paris, France
  • Lysando, Regensburg, Germany
  • The Siam Cement Group, Bangkok, Thailand
  • ICDD, Gemenos, France

Studies at the Antioxidant Division

Haruhiko Inufusa, a specially appointed professor of Life Science Research Center leads the team and cooperating with antioxidant research organizations all over the world.

  • Improvement of diabetes using diabetic mice⇒Prevention of diabetes and improvement of symptoms
  • Reduction of oxidative stress by radiation⇒Reduction of health hazard caused by radiation exposure
  • Rejuvenation of aging mice⇒agerasia / anti-aging
  • Reduction of alcohol oxidative stress using mice⇒Reduction of health hazard by alcohol
  • Suppression of proliferation and metastases of cancer cells ⇒ Therapy and prevention of cancer
  • Therapy with the model of ulcerative colitis mice: Therapy of inflammatory bowel disease and improvement of symptoms

Followings are cooperative research

  • Therapy of mice cerebral infarction(The effect has been already confirmed in the pilot study.)
    (cooperative research: Professor Koji Abe, Department of Neurology and Neuroscience at Okayama University)
  • Study of protective action of mitochondria using cultured cells
    (cooperative research: ICDD France)

Product Development Process

Our research and development for supplements require a long time of period and huge amount of R&D expenses. We release products, whose effect and safety are confirmed.



Products that TIMA Japan produces and releases to the market are organic JAS certified, ISO 22000 acquired, and operated through JHNFA GMP acquired factory from production to quality control.